Bruce Lake at Marble Mountain:

Early 1968, HMM 265. Silver Star winner for a really hairy night emergency medevac later in December 1968. In this photo Bruce is probably mentally collecting material for his very fine book, "1500 Feet Over Vietnam".

Photo by Fred Pratt

  FNGs February 1968:

Not long after a bunch of us arrived RVN in the middle of the Tet Offensive.
L to R Front Row:  Brian Adair, Bill Tynan, Ralph Nelson, Dick Upshaw, Wes Marks, Billy Hayes, Steve Benckenstein, Gordy Tubesing, JJ Wilson, Steve Sunderman.  Back Row: Fred Pratt & Dick Warren.

Updated by "Dick Upshaw", Thursday, November 10, 2005 9:09 PM. The guy standing between Ralph Nelson and Wes Marks is NOT Dick Upshaw...looks more like Duke Donnelly to me. Additionally, to the right of Benkenstein, is NOT Billy's Billy Hale; then on the end next to JJ Wilson is Bill Hayes.

     Fred Pratt


  Marble Mountain O'Club 1968:

On the O'Club patio, looking down towards China Beach. HMM 265 evening hangout. L to R: Backs of the heads of Bruce Lake and Wes Marks, then (Major)____ Palmore, JJ Wilson, Bill Tynan, Billy Chial, Jeff Rainaud, and (I think) Bill Powell?

     Fred Pratt


  Aboard the Tripoli 1968:

HMM 265, Summer 1968, Aboard the Tripoli in route to The Philippines.
L to R:  Sitting - Dick Sullivan, Bob Bayse, Standing - Don Lammers, Jim Fleming, Tom Lindsey, Wes Marks (?), Bill Hayes.

Updated by Dick Upshaw , Nov 10, 2005, Standing between Tom Lindsey and Bill Hayes is Ralph Nelson...not Wes Marks. Thanks. Dick Upshaw

     Fred Pratt


  Marble O'Club - HMM 265:

MMAF O'Club, Spring 1968, HMM 265. L to R: Rick Yanke (standing), Bruce Lake, JJ Wilson, Jeff Rainaud, ________? Edwards.

     Fred Pratt


  Marble O'Club - HMM 265:

MMAF O'Club, Spring 1968, HMM-265. Lto R: Rick Yanke, Dick Sullivan, Frank Gollatz, Dave ___________?  Check out the tray of Coke cans. Strange design, just for military sales?  Must be going to the standby crew table...

     Fred Pratt


  Marble O'Club - HMM 265:

MMAF O'Club, Spring 1968, HMM 265. L to R: Duke Donnelly, Paul Moody, Dick Warren, Jim Fleming, Bill Tynan, Bill (Gunner) Poe.  If Gunner Poe looks a little older than the others, he was.  His early logbooks show entries of flying F4Us in Korea while most of us were still in kindergarten!  He was easily the best pilot at Marble.

     Fred Pratt


  Jeff Rainaud & Wes Marks:

Marble Mtn. Spring 1968, HMM 265. Jeff and Wes getting ready for the hootch maids to show up.  Wes was the only one skinny enough to actually get himself and all that stuff into an armored seat.

     Fred Pratt


  A Dry Ship?:

HMM 265, Summer 1968, on the Tripoli.  Standing, From L to R; Jim Fleming, Gene Saunders, Bruce Lake, Wes Marks, Jeff Rainaud, Duke Donnelly. Sitting in back, Frank Gollatz, Sitting in front, Reggie (Smokey) Byrne.

     Fred Pratt


  Marble O'Club, HMM 265:

Spring 1968. L to R: The back of the head of Gene Sanders, JJ Wilson, Bruce Lake, Bill Tynan

     Fred Pratt


  Luxury Accommodations:

2nd Lt. Bob Houston standing by the shaving area of hooch # 2 summer 1967.  Note the lavish accommodations.

     Bob Houston


  Hootch mates:

Hooch mates Capt. Jerry Coon, Lt. Orron Dougherty, and Capt.  Jim Mummery attired in the preferred lounging ensemble summer 1967.

     Bob Houston


  VMO-3 Sign:

Bob Houston and the VMO-3 sign at Phu Bai 1967.

     Bob Houston


  Purple Heart Awards:

L to R:  Fred Pratt and Mike "Bear" Bryant, summer 1968, HMM 265 at Marble Mountain

     Fred Pratt


  Bunker Hootch # 2 Phu Bai:

Bob Houston sitting on the west end of the bunker of hooch #2 1967.

     Bob Houston


  1st Lt. Bob Houston:

Now 1st Lt. Bob Houston and hooch #3 1968.

     Bob Houston


  Sturdy Knight with Steed:

2Lt. Bob Houston geared up and ready for action. Dong Ha 1967.

     Bob Houston


  Flight Crews HMM-363 June 68:

1st Lt. Glen Dyer is furthest to the left, Lt. Dyer's brother was KIA in the DMZ and flown out by HMM-363 while 363 was at Quang Tri, 1st Lt. Wayne Fisher is third from the left, 1st Lt. Brook Stevenson is standing on the cabin step.  1st Lt. Stevenson was the Pilot when Cpl. Larry Green (Crew Chief), LCpl Ernest Kerr Jr. (Gunner), and Medevac casualties LtCol Frankie Allgood (HMM-363 CO), LCpl Richard Evancho and Cpl. Glenn Mowry died on an ill fated Emergency Night Medevac mission from Phu Bai to Da Nang, March 26th 1968 after a damaging Rocket Attack in the Tent area at Phu Bai.  The A/C, a UH-34D from 363 crashed at sea.  Fortunately the Pilot and Co-Pilot were rescued and survived.  Cpl. Jessie Callaway is sitting on the landing strut, Standing with his hand on Jessie"s sholder is Cpl. Albert Fish (Native American Indian). Cpl. Hiram A. Hogg is standing all the way to the right. Cpl. Dewey Steele is kneeling.

     Rich "The Kid" English


  The Good Guys:

Left to right Orron Dougherty, Joe Burney, Dick Ceresco and seated is Tom Kenyon. Great guys to room with. 1968.

     Bob Houston


  1st Lt. Allen Conrad Hertz, Copilot KIA HMM-161 650606:

HERTZ ALLEN CONRAD : 087253 : USMC : 1stLT : O2 : 7335 : 24 : PHILADELPHIA : PA : 19650606 : Air Loss Crash Sea : Copilot : body recovered :Offshore - Military Reg 1 : 04 : 19400611 : Cauc : Protestant/married : 01E : 132 :  KIA Incident



  1st Lt. Gerald Otto Mc Kay, HAC KIA HMM-161 650606:

MC KAY GERALD OTTO : 087234 : USMC : 1stLT : O2 : 7335 : 23 : ST MARYS : KS : 19650606 : Air Loss Crash Sea : Aircraft Commander : body recovered : Offshore - Military Reg 1 : 03 : 19411025 : Cauc : Roman Catholic / married : 01E : 132  KIA Incident



  1st Lt. Nicolaus August Doeden, Copilot KIA HMM-161 650606:

DOEDEN NICOLAUS AUGUST : 087231 : USMC : 1stLT : O2 : 7335 : 26 : WALTON : NE : 19650606 : Air Loss Crash Sea : Copilot : body recovered :Offshore - Military Reg 1 : 08 : 19390217 : Cauc : Protestant/married : 01E : 132  KIA Incident



  First Morning at Cubie Point:

On the ground - Bill Cihak (Lt. Fuzz) 1st row sitting - Steve Sunderman, Paul Moody (Mumbles), Fred Pratt and Fred Gurtin 2nd row sitting - Roy Hagerty , Frank Gollatz, and Dick Warren Standing - ?
I believe the person standing might be Wiley Lewis, Lt. US Navy, who was the flight surgeon for HMM-265. --Fred Pratt

     Tom Lindsey


  HMM/HMH-361 Hospitality Suite:

(L-R) Ron Goodwin, Marshall Calef, and Roger Herman (sitting) discuss the finer points of beer drinking at the 361 hospitality suite at Reno POPASMOKE 2004 Reunion.

     Brian Baker


  Lt. Bill Collier:

Lt. Bill Collier, November 1966, bike riding in the country. With HMM-161 at the time.

     Hugh Smith


  3 Amigos 32 years after Vietnam:

May, 2000, Harrisburg, PA: l. to r.: Mike McElwee, Chuck Songer (still has a 12.7 round in his hip!), and BC Blair.

     Mike McElwee




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